Alcon Labs

Project: QA Building Shop Floor

Contractor: Hill & Wilkinson

Owner: Alcon Labs

System: Dur-A-Flex – Shop Floor

Area: 1,000 SF

Date: November 2005

Alcon Labs of Fort Worth was remodeling an existing building to incorporate a new plastic injection molding process. The Alcon engineer overseeing the project had recommended using a Dur-A-Flex epoxy flooring system. Dur-A-Flex recommended Mobile Enterprises, Inc. as the contractor of choice for a quality installation.

The existing room had VCT tile and ceramic tile on the floors. This tile was removed along with the leveling mortars underneath. Once the tile and adhesives were removed, the floor was shot blasted to get to clean concrete. Dur-a-glaze #4 with mortar sand was trowelled over the floor area to level the existing floor. The surface was then ground smooth and Dur-a-flex Shop Floor was installed at 1/8” thickness. The new floor gave the room a light reflective surface with a non-skid texture. The new owners were very pleased with the new floor.