Bush Library Fountain


The fountain at the George Bush Presidential Library had become badly stained by treatment chemicals and concrete materials behind the granite panels and, in addition, the sealants between the granite panels had deteriorated and was coming out. Several pieces of granite were broken.

Mobile Enterprises crew cleaned the granite panels, removed all the existing sealant and replaced with new backer rod and sealant and re-attached the broken granite sections to restore the fountain to it’s original pristine condition.

In addition to the fountain, Mobile was asked to fill in some holes in the brick interior of the Presidential Conference Center to match the surrounding brick.

Work was conducted in adverse weather in order to be completed for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s visit on 11/30/04.

All TAMU and Library Foundation personnel were extremely pleased with the completed project.

Project: George Bush Presidential Library—Clean & Repair Fountain

Owner: Texas A & M University

Bush Library Foundation

System: ProSoCo Cleaners

SikaFlex 2cNS

Area: 800 Square Feet

Completed: November 2004