Frank Kent Cadillac


The addition of a new body shop on the first level of this double tee parking garage required a waterproof deck coating above it on level two.

The system does not incorporate a urethane or flexible epoxy top coat, rather the EnviroLastic® is the total system, with aggregate broadcast into the EnviroLastic® followed by a tie coat.

The installation consisted of:

  • Shotblast surface prep
  • Crack and joint detailing
  • 30 mils of EnviroLastic® AR 425
  • 30 mils of broadcast EnviroLastic® AR 425
  • 15 mil “tie coat” of EnviroLastic® AR 425

The improved color retention of the EnviroLastic® AR 425 allowed us to use a gray material with minimal yellowing.

Project: Frank Kent Cadillac Parking Garage

Owner: Frank Kent Cadillac
Fort Worth, Texas

System: EnviroLastic®

Area: 5,000 Sq. Ft.

Completed: August, 1997