Neil P. Anderson Building

Project: Neil P. Anderson Building at Burnett Park Fort Worth, TX

Owner: Neil P. Anderson Cotton Exchange

System: Tremco’s 215-mil
Tremproof 150 Hot
Rubber Membrane

Area: 3,840 SF

Completed: March, 2006

Completed in 1921, the Cotton Exchange Building was designed by Sanguinet & Staats with seven (7) skylights over top floor showrooms. The Exchange closed in 1939, but the Anderson Interests owned the building until 1963.

Mobile Enterprises, Inc. waterproofed the existing second level roof deck slab using Tremco’s 215-mil fabric-reinforced hot rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane system and horizontal TremDrain-S drainage mat.

The space below the roof slab was occupied and required absolute water tightness.

Over the waterproof membrane system, the General Contractor, R.J. Miller, poured a 12-inch topping slab to create a useable sanctuary deck for the condo residents.