Sapphire Condominium Tower

G.T. Leach Builders of Houston, Texas selected Mobile Enterprises, Inc. to provide a complete package of waterproofing applications on the new Sapphire Condominium Tower project in South Padre Island, Texas to protect the structure from exposure to rain, high winds, and the salty environment.

The exposed exterior balcony slabs were coated with Tremco’s 360NF/351 Pedestrian Traffic Coating System, the exterior CMU back-up walls were coated with Hydrocide 700B to prevent moisture migration through the masonry wall, all exterior window and door frames were caulked with Silicone sealant, and the elevator pits were waterproofed with a cementitious crystalline compound.

Project: Sapphire Condominium Tower 310A South Padre Blvd.
South Padre Island, TX

General Contractor: G.T. Leach Builders, LLC.
Houston, Texas

Architect: Zeigler Cooper, Inc.


  • Balcony Deck Coating (54,265 SF)
  • Waterproof Elevator Pits
  • CMU Wall Air & Vapor Barrier
  • Caulked Exterior Window and Door Frames

Completed: July 2008