I-20 Spur 156 Bridge Column – Structural Repair


An 18-wheeler impacted and severely damaged a bridge support column on westbound I-20 near the border.  After review by a structural engineer, it was determined that some of the vertical reinforcing steel may have been deformed by the impact.  Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was contacted to perform the emergency repairs.

Cracks were pressure injected using a low-viscosity epoxy adhesive.  Three layers of carbon fiber fabric were applied vertically to the backside of the column to help compensate for the deformed reinforcing steel.  Two layers of carbon fiber fabric were applied horizontally around the column for confinement.  A gray, acrylic topcoat was applied to provide protection for the reinforcement system.



Project: Column Repair, Spur 156 @ I-20

System: Sikadur 35 Hi-Mod LV

SikaWrap Hex 117C

Sikagard 670W

Area: 26 LF / 260 SF

Completed: 2005