CertainTeed Insulation-Cullet Bunker


Jim Nisely with P1 Group Construction selected Mobile Enterprises to install the 1.5″ thick EucoFloor topping system to the backwall and slab of a new 13.5′ x 14′ cullet bunker at the CertainTeed Insulation facility in Kansas City, KS.

Mobile Enterprises is an Approved Applicator of Euclid’s iron-aggregate floor topping materials.¬† EucoFloor 202 was installed over the new concrete slab and EucoFloor 404 was formed and poured onto the new concrete backwall.¬† Due to inclement weather, a tarp was temporarily installed over the cullet bunker to protect the installation from rain.



Project: CertainTeed Insulation-Cullet Bunker, Kansas City, KS

Owner: Saint Gobain/CertainTeed

GC: P1 Group Construction

System: EucoFloor 202 & 404

Area: Backwall and Slab-305 SF

Completed: May 2015