Fort Worth Public Safety Training Center



The BYRNE/Ridgemont joint venture

selected Mobile Enterprises, Inc. to install an

epoxy flooring system equal to 1/4” Stonclad

GS/HT4, using Dur-A-Flex 1/4” Duracrete with

Dur-A-Glaze Novolac topcoat at the Fort Worth

Police Dog Kennel area.

Calcium chloride tests on the new concrete

slab revealed a moisture vapor emission rate of

4.57 lbs/1000 SF/24-hours, which exceeded the

maximum allowable rate of 3 lbs. Therefore,

Dur-A-Flex’s Dur-A-Glaze MVP Primer, which

can reduce moisture vapor emission levels up to

20 lbs. to 3 lbs. or less, was added to the

flooring system for a successful installation.



Project: Fort Worth Public Safety Training Center

GC: BYRNE/Ridgemont

System: Dur-A Flex 1/4″ Duracrete With Dur-A-Glaze Novolac

Area: 500 SF slab with 165 LF of 8″ Integral Cove Base

Completed : February 2015