7 Greenway Denso Tape

Project: Central Plant Cooling Tower
Greenway Plaza
Houston, Texas

Owner: Crescent Real Estate
Houston, Texas

System: Denso Tape System

Area: 5,667 Sq. Ft.

Completed: October, 1998

Cooling tower piping is in a harsh environment, constantly exposed to moisture and water treatment chemicals. Facing the problem of the piping deteriorating from the outside, Crescent Real Estate called in Mobile Enterprises for a solution.

The solution was to wrap the piping system in “Denso Tape”, a proven system of piping protection that, once installed, requires no maintenance and will protect the piping for many years.

Mobile crews cleaned and primed the pipes, filled in flanges with a profiling mastic and wrapped the entire system with Denso Tape. The job was completed in less time than budgeted and Crescent no longer has to paint the piping system.