Addison Circle Parking Garage

During the completion stage of a new 5-story parking garage, inspectors noticed stress cracks on the columns and beams that supported the interior ramp.  It was later determined that confinement steel had inadvertently been left out of the columns when they were constructed.

Master Builders, along with Brockette, Davis & Drake designed a two-ply composite strengthening system utilizing a carbon fiber composite strengthening system to give the beams and columns the required strength to support the loads of the parking garage.

Mobile Enterprises was contracted to install the  system.  The columns and beams were initially sandblasted and all of the cracks were injected with a low viscosity injection resin.  After installing the carbon fiber system, elcometer adhesion tests were performed to assure adequate bonding.  The project was completed in 8 weeks.

Project: Addison Circle Parking Garage

Owner: Champion Addison One Limited Partnership

System: Carbon Fiber Composite Strengthening System

Area: 5,000 Sq. Ft. of Columns & Beams

Completed: December, 1998