Advanced Medical Imaging

Advanced Medical Imaging was installing a new 12,000 pound MRI machine. The existing pan-joist floor system was not strong enough to support the additional weight.

Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was hired to design and install a carbon fiber strengthening system which consisted of carbon fiber “wrapping” both ends of five (5) joists and installing six (6) short “I” beam supports directly below the legs of the new MRI machine. Mobile crews sandblasted the selected joists, ground down all square edges to a 1/2” radius, filled in all surface defects with an epoxy putty, and installed the system.

The work was completed on time and within budget. The owners were very pleased with the final result.

Project: Carbon Fiber Strengthening

Owner: Advanced Medical Imaging

System: Sika Fiberwrap Hex 103 C

Area: 115 Square Feet

Completed: March 2006