Air Liquide America Corp.


The Bayport Facility of Air Liquide America Corporation was adding additional process piping to an existing pipe run which required that the concrete pipe rack supports be strengthened.

Mobile Enterprises crews removed unsound, delaminated concrete, injected cracks with the SCB process, restored the columns to original dimensions with Master Builders S88CI and then installed one “wrap” of MBrace EG 900 fiber glass reinforcement.  The columns were then top-coated as a final protective step. The restored columns can now carry the additional loading with no problem.

Project: Repair & Strengthen Columns

Owner: Air Liquide America Corp.
Pasadena, Texas

System: Master Builders Mbrace
EG 900
Master Builders “SCB Process”
Master Builders S88CI

Area: 452 Sq. Ft.

Completed: June, 2000