Allen Center – Cooling Tower 


When it became time to replace the failed lining in the main cooling tower for Allen Center in downtown Houston, Trizec Properties investigated several different materials and contractors. The main tower was built over 20 years ago and the basin liner had failed and the concrete was severely spalled.

Trizec Properties selected Mobile Enterprises, Inc. as the concrete repair and lining installation contractor due to the quality of work Mobile was known for, even though Mobile Enterprises, Inc was not the low bidder for this project.

Allen Center required the unit to be in operation during all repairs so the work was done in three move ins. Cells 1 & 2 were completed in the first two and Cells 3 & 4 were completed in the last. Trizec Properties is very pleased with the final result.

Project: Cooling Tower Repair and Basin Liner

Owner: Trizec Properties

System: Sherwin Williams Envirolastic AR200HD / SikaRepair 223/224

Area: 4,000 Square Feet
30 Cubic Feet Spall Repair

Completed: April, 2004