AM-C Cold Storage


Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was contacted by the building owner, Gillis Thomas, to re-surface the concrete floor slab in their cold storage warehouse facility. This was a floor slab that had been repaired 11-years earlier by Mobile Enterprises using Master Builder’s Set 45, which is a fast-setting, high early strength concrete repair used in commercial freezer floors and cold storage areas.

After 11-years of constant fork-lift traffic at “zero” degree temperature, the surface of the Set 45 had begun to show signs of wear and dusting.

Mobile Enterprises contacted BASF, the manufacturer of Set 45 and they recommended using their U-Crete MF polyurethane flooring system to re-surface the top of their Set-45. U-Crete MF is recommended where a smooth, even and easy to clean surface is required, conditions which were required by the tenant.

Project: AM-C Cold Storage

Owner: Gillis Thomas

System: U-Crete MF Self Leveling Polyurethane Flooring

Area: 6,633 SF

Completed: April 2009