Ameripole Synpol Corporation


Ameripole Synpol Corporation had a problem with severe leakage from joints in the walls of the East Basin and in the Pipe Gallery of the Central Water Plant.

These joints averaged 2″ wide in 14″ to 18″ thick walls. The existing joint seals had failed and were leaking badly.

Mobile crews removed the existing seal a depth of approximately 4″ and cleaned the area. Activated oakum was inserted into the void, ports were drilled and a hydrophilic urethane was injected. The leakage was stopped and a flexible polyurethane joint sealant was installed over the injected oakum filled joint to provide a pleasing aesthetic effect.

Project: Central Water Plant
East Basin & Pipe Gallery

Owner: Ameripole Synpol Corp.
Port Neches, Texas

System: Urethane Injection / EGT

Area: 60 LF

Completed: February, 1997