BASF Banvel & J300

Exposed to a harsh chemical environment, the concrete surfaces of the J300 Containment Area and Pump Pad were abrasive blasted and lined with a trowel applied, mat reinforced, chemical resistant lining to prevent erosion of the concrete due to chemical attack.

The sump area lining had failed and the concrete badly eroded. Mobile crews rebuilt the concrete to the original dimensions and lined the sump with a chemical resistant, mat reinforced lining to prevent further degradation.

Both projects were completed under time restraints and the units were returned to service on schedule.

Project: Repair / Reline Banvel Sump and J300 Area

Owner: BASF Corporation
AG Chemicals Division
Beaumont, Texas

System: Ceilcote 6650

Area: 1,000 Sq. Ft.

Completed: September, 1999