BASF HCL Truck Area

Because of the excellent performance record on many other projects within the Beaumont Agro Facilities of BASF Corp., Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was selected as the sole bidder for the installation of a Ceilcote 6640 Liner system by Triple “S” Industrial Corporation.

Mobile crews prepared the surface by abrasive blasting, installed Ceilcote P 380 primer and troweled down an 80 mil base coat with a fiberglass mat embedded and top coated the area with another 80 mil trowel applied coat.  During the installation period, Mobile crews were faced with 17 consecutive days of rainfall which made the job much more difficult.

The job was turned over to the owner “on schedule”.

Project: New HCL Truck Load/Unload Area

Owner: BASF Corporation Beaumont, Texas

System: Ceilcote 6640

Area: 3,000 Square Feet

Completed: September, 2001