BASF Million Gallon Tank Farm

Project: One Million Gallon Tank Farm

Owner: BASF Corporation

System: PolySpec Thiokol
RLP 2378

Area: 11,000 Square Feet

Completed: April, 2002

In order to assure a “water tight” containment area in case of an emergency, BASF Corporation wanted to seal all joints and cracks in the large 74,500 square foot containment area.

Mobile crews prepared all surfaces and installed PolySpec Thiokol RLP 2378 Chemical Resistant Elastomeric Coating on 6,800 square feet of wall area and installed a fabric reinforced, 6″ wide band of the RLP 2378 over 3,522 linear feet of joints, 1,820 linear feet of foundation perimeter joints, and 1,712 linear feet of slab cracks in the 250′ x 298′ containment area.