Bayer Hazardous Waste Diked Area

Project: Hazardous Waste Diked Area

Owner: Bayer Polymers LLC

Orange, Texas

System: Hehr 1340

PolySpec Thiokol 2378 Plus

Area: 120 SF Coating

350 LF Crack Repair

Completed: December 2003

A 120 Square Foot area of the floor coating within the Hazardous Waste Diked Area had failed and was coming up. In addition cracks had appeared in the floor slab of the area allowing any spills to go through the cracks.

Mobile crews removed the existing coating within the failed area and replaced it with a 30 mil coat of the original Hehr 1340 material. The cracks were lightly abraded, PolySpec T-415 primer applied and a 12” band of PolySpec Thiokol 2378 Plus installed as a base coat and a 6” strip of engineering fabric installed in the base coat. The base and fabric were then covered with a topcoat of PolySpec Thiokol 23678 Plus, providing a reinforced, flexible, positive seal over the cracks.

The work was completed quickly without use of any electric tools as such tools were prohibited within this area.