Bayer Polymers FireProofing Cobra Recovery Unit

Project: Fireproofing COBR Recovery Unit

Owner: Bayer Polymers LLC
Orange, Texas

System: Carboline Pyrocrete 240HY

Area: 6 Columns/ 5 Beams

Completed: August 2003

The concrete fireproofing on the second floor of the COBR Recovery Unit was cracking and spalling. The owner investigated either repair of the existing concrete fireproofing or the removal of the concrete fireproofing and installing new, lightweight fireproofing material.

The latter method was selected and all concrete was removed, the steel cleaned and painted. Then wire mesh was wrapped around all columns and beams and corner beads installed. Pyrocrete 240HY was applied at a 7/8” thickness for a 4 hour fire rating. The 240 was then sealed with Carboline Carboguard 1340 and a top coat of Carboline 133HB installed.

The owner was very pleased with the work.