Beach Central Garage – Phase I

Years of salt laden airborne moisture had wreaked havoc on the reinforcing steel in the CIP concrete pan joist system of the old Moody Civic Center Parking Garage. The worst areas were the southeast quadrants facing the prevailing Gulf winds. Reinforcing steel had “grown” two and one-half times the original size, therefore, spalling off large sections of the concrete cover creating safety hazards.

Mobile Enterprises’ crews removed all unsound concrete, installed new steel where necessary, injected cracks and rebuilt the beams with Master Builders S88CA, restoring the safety of the garage and providing a long extension to the integrity and service life of the structure.

Project: Beach Central Parking Garage
Galveston, Teas

Owner: GMP Corporation
Galveston, Texas

System: MBT S88CA
MBT SCB Process

Area: 1st & 2nd Decks

Completed: August, 1998
Phase I