Brown & Root Facility

When the below grade waterproofing installed originally failed and allowed severe water intrusion into office, storage and loading dock areas Law Engineering designed a fabric type, stainless steel anchored system to replace it.

After viewing the EnviroLastic® video and discussion of the merits of EnviroLastic®, the specifications were changed and EnviroLastic® was specified as the only material to be used in the rehabilitation project.

Crews from Apache Services excavated the area to be repaired and Mobile personnel removed the failed existing material. 80 mil of EnviroLastic® was then installed to provide a “watertight” membrane system above the critical areas. In addition, Mobile’s crews performed 30 feet of urethane injection in the panel joints.

Water tests show no leakage with the EnviroLastic® system and the owner looks forward to many years of leak free service.

Project: Below Grade Waterproofing
Brown & Root Facility
Houston, Texas

Owner: Halliburton / Brown & Root USA

GC: Apache Services

System: EnviroLastic®

Area: 700 Sq. Ft.

Completed: June, 1997