Cedar Hill Performing Arts Center

Just prior to opening the new Performing Arts Center Addition to Cedar Hill High School, it was discovered that a significant portion of the reinforcing steel had been left out of the load-bearing masonry walls.

Wiss Janney Elstner and Associates of Dallas designed a repair system of cutting slots into the CMU walls, inserting vertical reinforcing bars, then grouting the cells solid with cementitious grout.

Scaffolding had to be erected in all locations to facilitate the installation in the 45-foot high walls. Sequencing of the work was critical in order to maintain support for the roof structure and adequate wind bracing for the masonry walls.

The work was completed ahead of schedule, much to the delight of the Owner.

Project: Performing Arts Center

Cedar Hill High School Cedar Hill, Texas

Owner: Cedar Hill I.S.D.

Repair Engineer: Wiss Janney Elstner & Associates, Inc.

System: Custom Masonry Reinforcement

Quantity: 64 Locations, 2,660 LF Steel

Completed: May, 2003