Coat Calcine Silo Tops

Rainwater and clean up water was penetrating cracks in the rooftops of three Calcine Coke Storage Silos at the pier of Great Lakes Carbon Corporation in Port Arthur, Texas.

Great Lakes Carbon Corporation elected to rout out all moving cracks, fill with PolySpec Thiokol 2235M polysulfide sealant, apply a 6” band of PolySpec Thiokol 2234 and embed a 4” band of engineering fabric followed by another 6” topping of 2234. The entire silo roof was then primed with PolySpec Thiokol 300EX Primer and Two (2) Sixteen (16) mil coats of PolySpec Thiokol 2233 applied.

This system sealed the roof tops and protects millions of dollars of coke that is stored in these silos for loading onto ships of all nations at the Great Lakes dock.

All materials, supplies and equipment were transported up and down by elevator and the work was completed on time and within budget by a 3 man Mobile crew working in over 90 degree heat.

Project: Coat Calcine Silo Tops

Owner: Great Lakes Carbon Corp.

System: PolySpec Thiokol

Area: 7,500 Square Feet

Completed: June 2006