Galleria Mall Parking Garage

Project: Galleria Mall Parking Garage
Dallas, Texas

Owner: Hines Interests Limited Partnership

System: Miscellaneous Repairs

Mobile Enterprises is the “on call” contractor for Galleria Dallas. Contracts vary, i.e. structural repairs, concrete repairs, specialty waterproofing, expansion joints, epoxy work, special coatings, etc.

In various areas of the garage, we have installed slide bearing assemblies, repaired columns & beams, rehabilitated stairs, and replaced bearing pads. Failed expansion joints have been replaced with the Transflex joint system. Other areas have involved crack chasing & sealing, epoxy injection, urethane injection, and miscellaneous waterproofing.

The above is only a sample of our projects at the Galleria. We not only perform work in the garage, but also in the mall itself.