Four Leaf Towers


A fire swept through portions of the fifth, sixth, & seventh floors of the exclusive Four Leaf Towers West Condominiums, causing severe damage to the structural concrete. After Mobile Crews performed structural concrete patching and pressure epoxy injection, selected areas were abrasive blasted and the “MBrace System” installed as per engineered drawings. Columns were “wrapped” with CF130WS carbon fiber and ceilings were reinforced by strips of CF130WS on 24″ centers with a 12″ space between strips. A total of 4.802 SF of carbon fiber was installed on time and within budget.

Project: Four Leaf Towers Fire Renovation Phase II

Owner: Four Leaf Towers Counsel Houston, Texas

System: Watson Bowman Acme “Mbrace System”

Area: 4,802 SF

Completed: August 2002