Fort Hood Bridge

Project: Low Water Crossing Bridge Repairs at Fort Hood, Texas

Engineer: Freese and Nichols Fort Worth, TX

GC: National Native American Construction

Material: AmeriMix Fine Grout by Bonsal American

Completed: June 19, 2014

Freese and Nichols conducted an emergency evaluation of the low water crossing at Old Georgetown Road and Cowhouse Creek in Fort Hood, Texas to determine the extent of large cavernous voids that had developed in the backfill under the pavement between five (5) corrugated steel conduits.

Spalled concrete around the edges of each conduit caused by debris impact allowed the flow of water to scour the voids further as illustrated by the diagram to the right.

Following the recommendation of Freese and Nichols, the general contractor, NNAC, hired Mobile Enterprises, Inc. to patch the spalled concrete along the conduit edges, then drill port holes through the pavement and pump nearly 175 CY’s of a low-strength flowable cementitious grout in lifts at very low pressures to fill the voids.