Gander Mountain Floor


For Gander Mountain’s new Beaumont, Tx location, the old “K-Mart” store was purchased and renovated into a high end sporting goods store.

The old floor was in terrible condition. The vinyl tile was removed exposing mastic. The mastic was removed showing underlayment. The underlayment was removed, the floor patched and shot blasted twice, and joints were saw cut to remove steel screed strips.

The floor was primed with Dur-A-Glaze 4, 8 mils of Dur-A-Gard installed and top coated with 4 mils of Polythane 3. The owner was amazed at the finished product, literally making a “silk purse from a sow’s ear”.

Project: Gander Mountain Floor

Owner: Gander Mountain, Inc.

System: Dur-A-Flex “Gard” & “Polythane”

Area: 63,000 Square Feet

Completed: March 2005