Heritage Business Park

Project: Heritage Business Park
Grapevine, Texas

Owner: Trammel Crow Company

System: EnviroLastic® JS 80 SL

Area: 800 L.F.

Completed: March, 1999

Located just west of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, this large office/warehouse complex is home to distribution facilities for Comp USA and Henry Schein, Inc., a major medical supplier. Concrete shrinkage had caused control joints in the slab to grow to approximately 1/2” in width. Motorized lifts and “pickers” were bouncing over these joints, causing expensive damage to the tenant’s products.

With warehouse operations already in full swing, Mobile Enterprises was asked to recommend a joint sealant that would fill and level the control joints without disrupting the traffic in the warehouse.

EnviroLastic JS 80 SL was the perfect solution! Over the course of three Saturdays, all of the joints were repaired. The tenants were very happy with the results, and the minimal disruption to their operations.