Highland Park Village (Dallas, TX)

Project: Highland Park Village

Owner: Henry S. Miller Interests, Inc.

System: Clean and Seal Exterior Cast Stone

Area: Decorative Cast Stone Exterior

Completed: June 2006

Highland Park Village was part of the farmland acquired in 1907 to become the town of Highland Park. The Village was planned in 1929 with architecture inspired by the World Exposition in Barcelona, Spain and opened in 1931. Highland Park Village is recognized as the first of its kind and has served as the prototype for other modern day shopping centers.

After many decades of neglect, the exterior cast stone became stained and discolored by environmental carbon deposits and black algae. Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was hired by Henry S. Miller Interests to clean the exterior cast stone to its original appearance and seal the stone against the damaging effects of water migration into the delicate stone work.