Historic Galvez Hotel Exterior Restoration

Construction on the Historic Galvez Hotel started after the 1906 hurricane and was completed in 1911. Built with concrete columns and beams with brick and mortar infills and a stucco cover, the building had developed many exterior problems over the years.

Working with the architect, Mobile Enterprises developed repair procedures and materials, and repairs started in December, 2001 with a completion schedule for 2004. Work is stopped during the busy summer tourist season.

When the work is completed, Mobile crews will have repaired 1,683 square feet (350 cubic feet) of spalls, 360 linear feet of cracks, replaced over 16,860 linear feet of sealants and prepared and coated 97,797 square feet of exterior surfaces. All work must match the original texture and color.

Project: Exterior Restoration

Historic Galvez Hotel

Owner: The Mitchell Family

System: Master Builders Repair Systems
Sika Coatings & Sealants

Area: 97,797 Sq. Ft. Surface

Completed: Phase I – April 2002
Phase II – April 2003