HKS Garage Repairs

Project: HKS Parking Garage Repairs

Owner: HKS Architects
Dallas, TX

Engineer: Brockette Davis Drake

System: Degussa Emaco S88
C8 x 13.75 Galv. Channels

Beams : 8 Beams

Joists: 7 Joists

Completed: November, 2003

Years of water infiltration had taken its toll on the concrete structure of the parking garage for HKS Architects main office in downtown Dallas. Falling pieces of spalling concrete were endangering the garage occupants, and rapidly deteriorating exposed rusted steel reinforcing had the potential to undermine the structural integrity of the parking level outside the main entry.

Mobile Enterprises was asked to perform the repairs. Shoring was immediately put in place at the most severely deteriorated areas to prevent any catastrophic failures. The work was performed in phases to maintain occupancy of some of the parking areas. Two beams were enlarged, six were cleaned and repaired, as were several areas on the underside of the slab, and seven joists were fitted with pairs of galvanized channels connected with through-bolts and grouted solid. Working closely with the Engineer, the repairs were completed with minimal disruption to the building’s tenants.