Hopkins County Memorial Hospital

Renovation plans  to the Hopkins County Memorial Hospital included a new walkway link from the ICU Addition to the new Day Surgery Building.  The new walkway link was to be constructed on the roof of the existing building.  The existing support members required strengthening to support the additional loads.

A Carbon Fiber Composite Strengthening System was selected to provide the additional strength.  Mobile Enterprises was contracted to install 130 plies  to the bottom of two support beams as well as the bottom and top of the 5 1/2” slab between beams.

The Carbon Fiber System increased the cracked section stiffness by approximately 10% to 15% in the beams and 15% to 25% in the slabs.  The System was virtually transparent after installation.

Project: Hopkins County Hospital ICU Renovation

Owner: Hopkins County Memorial Hospital

System: Carbon Fiber Composite Strengthening System

Area: 600 Sq. Ft.

Completed: June, 1998