Hotel Galvez & Spa, A Wyndham Grand Hotel

The area above the kitchen of the Historic Galvez Hotel had suffered severe corrosion damage due to the combination of steam, salt laden air and, of course, age.

With the owner’s engineer, Mobile Enterprises surveyed and identified the areas of most severe damage. These areas included walls, ceilings and beams.

Working in extreme heat, Mobile crews removed all unsound concrete and restored the members to their original dimensions, installed carbon fiber strengthening in some locations and epoxy bonded steel plates and angles in others.

All work was performed with the kitchen staff in full operation with no disruption of services.

Project: Structural Repairs- Historic Galvez Hotel Kitchen Area

Owner: Mitchell Family

System: Sikatop 123+ / SikaWrap
Epoxy Bonded Plates / Angles

Area: 4,516 Square Feet

Completed: June 2004