Houston ISD – Madison High School


At some time, all the tensioning strands in a double tee had been cut. (2 Stems). This allowed the two stems to deflect as much as 2”.

Concerned with the safety of the students in the classrooms, HISD engaged a structural engineer to review the problem and design a “fix”.

The final decision was to install 2-4” S&P 100 carbon fiber strips along each side of the two stems and 1-2” S&P 50 carbon fiber strips on the bottom of each stem.

The work was done with shoring in place and was completed in one day by Mobile Enterprises, Inc.

Project: Strengthen Double Tee Stems

Owner: Houston ISD
Madison High School

System: Mbrace S&P 100/1.4 Strips
Mbrace S&P 50/ 1.4 Strips

Area: Two Tee Stems
180 LF Total Strip

Completed: November 2003