Johnson Space Center

Use of a new foreign design forming system coupled with the requirement to pour the entire structure monolithically resulted in severe honeycombing in the new back up cooling tower for Mission Control located at The Johnson Space Center.

Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was called in to inspect the structure and advise NASA as to the best repair method and materials. Perimeters of all honeycombs (rock pockets) were saw cut 1/2” deep at an angle and unsound concrete was chipped out. Plastic covered rebar, if scratched, was coated with an epoxy, forms set and the repair areas were restored to original dimensions. All work was conducted under strict supervision by NASA, CSSI, Basic Industries and Gilbane Construction.

A total of 89.32 Cubic Feet (3.31 Cubic Yards) were placed, either by hand or by form and pour method. All parties were pleased with Mobile Enterprises’ work.

Project: Building 48 Cooling Tower

Owner: Johnson Space Center / NASA

System: SikaTop 123
SikaMonotop 615

Area: 89.32 Cubic Feet

Completed: August 2006