Kraft Foods

Located just west of Alliance Airport in north Fort Worth, this distribution center is part of a two-building complex for well-known Kraft Foods. The refrigerated storage building is 489,000 square feet and the dry storage building is 200,000 square feet. The joint sealant installed in all the floor joints was recessed below the floor surface, and unable to protect the edges of the concrete from the constant pounding of forklift tires. The concrete was beginning to unravel along many of the control joints. The majority of the refrigerated storage warehouse is kept at 36ºF. One freezer room maintains temperatures of –10ºF.

With the warehouses busy 24 hours per day, Mobile Enterprises had to find a joint sealant that would fill and level the control joints, and cure rapidly enough to prevent disrupting traffic in the warehouse.

EnviroLastic® JS 80-SL polyurea caulking was installed in a sample area for evaluation by Ameri-Cold and Kraft representatives. It took only a matter of days for them to make the decision to repair all of the joints in the traffic aisles using JS 80-SL. JS-80 was selected on the basis of its ability to protect the edges of the concrete, and to cure rapidly even at low temperatures. Working in conjunction with the building’s operations manager, Mobile Enterprises successfully replaced all of the floor joint sealant with minimal impact to the operation of the warehouse.

Project: Refrigerated Storage Building & Dry Storage Building
Ameri-Cold Logistics / Kraft Foods
Fort Worth, Texas

Owner: Kraft Foods

System: EnviroLastic® JS 80 SL

Area: 10,000 LF – Refrigerated Area
24,000 LF – Dry Storage Area

Completed: November, 2000