LaMar Elementary School Renovations and Additions


A construction mishap required the complete removal and replacement of 4,000 SF of new pan joist floor at LaMar Elementary. Engineers decided the remaining section of the new floor could be saved by the use of the Structural Concrete Bonding (SCB) Process of pressure epoxy injection and by repairing rock pockets by approved methods using Master Builder’s S-88CI, a shrinkage compensated, fiber enhanced mortar with a built-in corrosion inhibitor.

Mobile Enterprises, Inc. crews repaired 120 LF of crack in 29 joint to beam connections and repaired 40 SF of rock pocket areas in order to allow the General Contractors to proceed with steel erection, which had been delayed until repairs were made.

Project: LaMar Elementary School Renovations and Additions

Owner: San Antonio School District
San Antonio, Texas

System: “SCB” process
Master Builder’s S-88CI

Area: 5,000 SF

Completed: June, 2001