Lowe’s Home Center

Project: Spot Floor Repairs
Lowe’s Home Center
Conroe, Texas

Owner: Teacher’s Retirement System of Kentucky

System: Master Builder’s T-430

Area: 4,079 Sq. Ft.

Completed: August, 1999

A high water / cement ratio caused a weak upper surface in portions of the concrete floor slab. Owner’s engineers recommended two solutions:

1. Cut out and repair full depth; or
2. Partial depth, rapid cure patch.

The owner selected the partial depth repair as the best solution to reduce down time and create less disturbance to the store operations.

Starting at 10:00 PM and working until 6:00 AM, Mobile crews saw cut the perimeter of each patch (total 33), chipped out a minimum 1/2”, primed with a slurry mix and placed Master Builder’s T-430 in a total of 4,079 square feet. Dust control was by “tenting” the areas and using vacuum attachments on equipment.

The owner / store personnel were very pleased with the finished repairs.