McLane Foods Lubbock

The Problem:

Typical joint nosing breakdown and no support in control joints. Large cracks in the concrete. McLane Foods knew that unless corrected, the situation would get continually worse and would increase repair costs every day it was not addressed.

Typical results of the problem were:
* Increased maintenance to lift trucks
* Increase in tire replacement
* Slowdown in production because the joints were acting like “speed bumps”
* Product damage when tossed from forklifts

The Solution:
The joints with nosing breakdown were saw-cut back to sound concrete, re-formed, and re-built with polyurethane concrete. The joint slot was then filled with EnviroLastic JS-80 to make a smooth transition flush with the concrete.

The control joints and cracks were saw-cut out and filled with EnviroLastic JS-80. The excess JS 80 was shaved flush with the concrete.

The Advantage:
* The repaired areas were put back in service within 40 minutes of repair.
* Mobile Enterprises worked around their schedule: Phase I complete in four (4) days
* There was no odor
* Cold storage areas were repaired without interference. JS 80 can be installed at -20°F.

Project: McLane Foods
Lubbock, Texas

System: EnviroLastic® JS 80 Joint Sealant

Area: Phase I
Rebuild Joint Nosing – 237 LF
Control Joints – 572 LF
Crack Repair – 1,407 LF

Completed: February 2001

Area: Phase II
Crack Chase & Fill – 2416.12 LF Crack Rebuild – 392.6 LF
Joint Fill Only- 658 LF
Joint Rebuild-174.02 LF
Spall Repair/Anchors-11 SF
2 Concrete Overlays- 51’ SF
Completed: August 2002