Methodist Hospital Garage Post-Tension Beam Repair



Project: Methodist Hospital Garage –

Post-Tensioned Beam Repair

GC: Hunt Construction Group

Materials: SikaCrete 211 and Steel

Threaded Stirrups

Design Engineer: Wiss, Janney, Elstner

Associates, Inc.

Completed: November 2007      

Hunt Construction Group selected Mobile Enterprises to perform the structural repairs designed by WJE on a post-tensioned beam at the Dallas Methodist Hospital Garage structure that had developed inclined cracking extending from the column to about 15-feet from the face of the column. The primary repair consisted of installing new stirrups outside of the beam with epoxy injection of the cracks after the installation of the stirrups. Following these repairs, L-pins and reinforcing mesh were installed around the beam and new stirrups. Forms were then placed around the beam to form a 4-inch thick concrete encasement and SikaCrete 211 was placed covering the new stirrups and vibrated thoroughly. After the forms were removed and the concrete wet cured for 7-days, an elastomeric traffic coating was applied on top of the slab to protect the stirrup bolts from corrosion.