Mobil Oil Jeene Joint and HDPE Liner

Project: Spillway at SIB

Owner: Mobil Oil Corporation
Beaumont, Texas

System: Jeene Joint
HDPE Liner

Area: 108 LF Joint
1,080 Sq. Ft. Membrane

Completed: March, 1999

Impounded storm water was seeping up through various joints in the spillway driveover and weir wall of the Storm Water Impoundment Basin at Mobil’s Beaumont Refinery. The basin is an integral part of Mobil’s Storm Water Project completed in 1992.

Mobile crews removed the failed and failing joint sealants, cleaned the joint, installed urethane saturated backer rod, and then installed the Jeene Joint System in the prepared joints. The joints were injected with a hydrophilic urethane after installation of the Jeene Joint System.

While the joint work was in progress, crews were installing a 60 mil HDPE liner tying into an existing liner and extending it to prevent any further leaks / seepage.