New Orleans Street Car Expansion


Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was selected by Archer Western Construction to install a fully-adhered 120-mil fabric-reinforced PVC/Elvaloy insulation membrane with a 1/8” asphalt protection board in twelve (12) poured-in-place concrete “turnout tub” structures built by Rail Works along the street car expansion project from Union Terminal to Canal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The specially fabricated 120-mil PVC membrane provides electrical isolation between the rail and all embedment materials when installed as a component waterproofing layer in embedded track work construction.


Project: New Orleans Street Car Expansion

Owner: Regional Transit Authority of New Orleans

System: 120-mil Fabric-Reinforced PVC Insulation Membrane with Elvaloy by Flex Membrane

Area: 10,450 SF

Completed: February 2013