NOAA Fisheries

Project: Restoration of Buildings 216 / 302
Galveston, Texas

Owner: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration / National Marine Fisheries Service

System: SCB Process
Emaco S 88 CI

Area: 777 LF of Crack Injection
1,011 Sq. Ft. of Spall Repair

Completed: March, 1999

When the time came to restore the 100 year old cast-in-place concrete structure, J. W. Kelso Company selected Mobile Enterprises, Inc. to do the job.  Built in the late 1800’s, these two units are restored as office and training facilities.

Cracks were injected with the SCB process of pressure epoxy injection and both interior and exterior spalls were repaired with Emaco S 88 CI.  Repairs had to match the adjacent, existing plaster and concrete finishes so as to be unnoticeable when the buildings were repainted.

Being almost directly on the beach, the old reinforcing steel had taken a beating from the salt laden air.  This resulted in large areas to be replaced.  In many instances, entire window / door frames and archways had to be rebuilt by Mobile crews.  Now 216/302  can continue on its historic journey.