Nortel Networks


Two new parking garages constructed for Nortel Networks’ new office complex in Richardson, TX were outfitted with metal covers over the expansion joints.  Not long after opening, the metal plates were clanging loudly with each passing car, and were not watertight.

Mobile Enterprises was asked to recommend a quiet, waterproof system for the top decks.  Because of the location of the shear transfer devices across the expansion joints, the topping had to be built up to accommodate the depth of the new joint system.  This was accomplished using Master Builders’ Emaco T415/T430.  The rapid cure qualities of the Emaco material permitted immediate installation of the ConSpec WF-500 Expansion Joint System.

The expansion joints no longer leak, and the new system is much less taxing on the ears!


Project: Nortel Networks Parking Garage Expansion Joint

Owner: Nortel Networks

Richardson, Texas

System: Con-Spec WF-500

MBT Emaco T415/430

Length: 245 LF

Completed: January, 2002