Northpark Central Chiller Tanks

Northpark Central Office Tower was designed to utilize two large, chilled water storage tanks located beneath a portion of the parking garage as a part of the building’s HVAC system.

When the original EPDM sheet membrane lining system began to tear and peel off the walls of the tanks, Mobile Enterprises was called in to make recommendations for a new waterproofing system.

After considering the pros and cons of several options, it was agreed that a cementitious, crystalline waterproofing system would fulfill the project requirements at a reasonable cost.

Because the cooling season was already in progress, it was necessary to maintain one tank in operation at all times. Pipe penetrations and embedded steel plates had to be meticulously detailed to provide maximum protection, with no potential for leaks.

The project was completed successfully in June, 2001.

Project: Chilled Water Storage Tank Waterproofing

Location: Northpark Central Office Tower
Dallas, Texas

Prop. Mgr.: Jones Lang LaSalle
Americas, Inc.

System: Xypex Crystalline
Waterproofing System

Area: 14,112 Sq. Ft.

Completed: June, 2001