One Alamo Center

Project: One Alamo Center
San Antonio, Texas

Owner: Principal Mutual Life Insurance Company
Des Moines, Iowa

Engineer: Simpson Group
San Antonio, Texas

System: Exterior Repairs on
78,677 Sq. Ft.

Completed: 1997

One Alamo Center, an eight story office building constructed of white limestone and white pre-cast concrete panels is located on the historic “River Walk” area of Downtown San Antonio.

A complete exterior facade restoration was done by Mobile Enterprises, Inc. personnel. This restoration included 267 linear feet of crack injection, 6 square feet of limestone / concrete patching, 32 feet of mortar / panel joint repair, complete exterior cleaning and application of a water repellant sealer, and over 2,000 linear feet of joint resealing. All work was done without marring the surfaces and with all work matching the adjacent substrate.

Both the Engineer and the Owner’s on-site representative remarked that the finished product was better than they expected.

One Alamo Center once again glows like a jewel in downtown San Antonio.