Pawlak Tire & Auto Care

D&E Structures inspected the as-built concrete tilt-up panels to determine the extent and possible cause of reported cracks in the various panels. Several cracks were observed on the west corner panel on the North elevation (above). And, several significant cracks were observed on one particular panel on the West elevation (right).

D&E Structures noted that the cracks observed did not appear to be the result of stresses from external forces, i.e. roof, wind, or soil loads. Based on these observations, D&E Structures recommended sealing the cracks with pressure-injected epoxy resin.

Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was selected to seal the cracks by pressure-injecting Sikadur 35 Hi-Mod LV epoxy resin. The cracks were V-grooved out with a grinder. Injection ports were installed and an epoxy paste was used to seal the surface of the cracks. Then, the epoxy resin was pressure-injected until each crack was full. Following the injection process, the epoxy paste was ground off smooth with the concrete surface.

Project: Pawlak Tire & Auto Care

Owner: DSYM, LLC

Engineer: D&E Structures

System: Sikadur 35 Hi-Mod LV Epoxy.

Area: 300 LF

Completed: Oct. 7, 2009