Reliant Park

Project: Astrohall Column Repair

Owner: Reliant Park

System: Portland Cement Concrete

Area: One (1) 14″ Diameter By

15′ Tall Column

Completed: January 2002

A careless forklift operator slammed into a
14″ diameter concrete column at a high rate of
speed. The impact moved the column off
“plumb” by eight and one-half inches (8.5).
Mobile crews removed the unsound concrete
from around the bottom of the column, pulled
the columns back to plumb condition, installed
new, epoxy bonded dowels tied to the original
bars and poured a 20″ diameter “donut” over the
lower 4′ 0″ of the column. Eleven steel angle
brackets were installed in the beams connecting
to the girder above the columns and the
Astrohall area was back in service with no loss
of space revenue.