San Antonio Methodist Hospital


MpS Construction—Design selected Mobile Enterprises, Inc., a certified applicator, to install an Everlast Epoxy system on the floor and wall surfaces of an existing Kitchen area at the Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, TX.

Water from the dishwashing unit was leaking into an Operating Room located directly beneath the Kitchen.  The Owner chose to totally transform the Kitchen area by first removing the existing Quarry tile floor down to the structural slab. Beneath the Quarry tile was a 2”-layer of thick-set grout. Once the Quarry tile and thick-set grout were removed, MEI resurfaced the slab-to-drains with a fast-setting concrete mix that can be opened to traffic in about 2-hours.

Next, MEI performed calcium chloride tests to determine the moisture vapor transmission rate of the slab. Since the readings were above the maximum allowable rate of 3 lbs/1000 SF/24-hours, MEI installed a moisture mitigating primer.

MEI then installed the Everlast Epoxy system onto the floor and 18”-perimeter cove base in Cherokee Red and up onto the 9-foot walls in Arctic White. The result is a totally watertight enclosure.


Project: San Antonio Methodist Hospital

GC: MpS Construction—Design

System: Everlast Epoxy Floor and Walls

Area: Remodeled Kitchen

Completed: March 2012